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Cross-Cultural and Language Exposure through Experience

  • A crucial part of the CCD Program involved giving international pre-service teachers a first-hand of what Australian educational cultural looks like and feels like. By providing an opportunity for them to build social connections with the staff, children and students at the education sites they visited, the CCD participants have developed an emerging Australian teacher identity.
  • From the CCD experience, the international pre-service teachers were found to be more interculturally more sensitive to their new surroundings and experiences of cultural difference at various education sites.
  • Below, several former 2016 CCD participants share their individual reflections as examples of how they have developed deeper insights and understandings about Australian educational culture during the site visits, as shown below:

2018 CCD Cohort

Li Ziqi (Lily)

2016 CCD Cohort

Zhou Qingqing Nancy

Baocheng Wei

Lee Yin Jong

Taoyong Qu

Wei Wei


Elain Le Ling Tham

elaine-tram  Link to Elain Le Ling Tham’s presentation

Owen Yang Zhan

owen-yang  Link to Owen Yang Zhan’s presentation

Tracy Mingyuan Jia

tracy-mingyuan-jia  Link to Tracy Mingyuan Jia’s presentation

Song Yang